About Paula Marie

No one should feel powerless. I  offer resources and encouragement so others can experience the degree of empowerment I have experienced. Here’s a little about my personal and professional background:

A Very Personal Story

I grew up scared speechless. In part, I learned to fear speaking up because it could result in getting hit with a leather belt. I was warned to keep our family “secrets” from others including my mother’s mental illness and my father’s problem with alcohol.

Because I was quiet in school, my teachers labeled me as defiant. I was also bullied because I kept my head down and didn’t talk much. I guess that made me an easy target.

When I was a teenager, a group of individuals assaulted me; I was so traumatized that I didn’t even know if I wanted to go on living. At the time, I didn’t think life could get any worse. Then less than a year later, I faced another challenge. At fifteen I became pregnant and I was forced to relinquish my baby after he was born. I was shamed into silence for years.

Wanting to escape my life, I married someone  two months out of high school that I barely knew. Within a couple of months, I was pregnant. I had so much speech apprehension that I couldn’t even make a doctor’s appointment over the phone for my children without first writing out a script and rehearsing it.

With a lot of help and hard work, I went from being scared speechless to becoming a speech teacher. I went from feeling powerless to knowing I was empowered.

My Professional Life:

I’ve been a full-time speech communication professor at a community college since 2004. Prior to that time I held positions as a communication assessment researcher, a nonprofit director, a marketing consultant, and an adjunct speech and organizational communication faculty member at two universities.

In July 2017 I was a Tedx Roseburg presenter. My topic was Your Best Life at Any Age.  In September 2017 I was a keynote speaker with Susan Rochester at the Conference on Extraordinary Living.   I frequently channel Susan B. Anthony and give presentations as her in my local community and beyond.

 In character as Susan B. Anthony


My vision is to help others feel empowered. I invest in others so they can be their best. I do this through teaching, conducting workshops, speaking, and coaching. If I can inspire others with my personal story or give others tools to be their best, then I’ve helped empower others.