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Unexpected change can be difficult and often frightening.  We may try to avoid dealing with it. Yet change is inevitable.

Life is full of changes – we move, we lose people, we change jobs, relationships change, we connect, we disconnect, our health changes, or we retire.  All of a sudden, what was familiar no longer exists. When we experience unexpected change, we eventually need to identify a different vision for ourselves. Then we need to  figure out how to move toward that new vision.

Sometimes we choose to initiate change in our lives. We want a different job, a different lifestyle, a different partner, or a healthier body.  Yet no matter how much we might want a positive change, we discover making changes can be difficult.  No matter how hard we try, we sometimes feel like we’re just spinning our wheels. What we need is a clear vision of what our lives will look like and feel like when we make a change. Then we need to know what measurable action plans must be taken to achieve our vision for a better life.

Other times we are helping promote change for the benefit of others. When we are part of a cause that is greater than ourselves, we still must embrace a clear vision and identify measurable action plans.

New Empowered U is a resource site to help you find useful tools that will help you navigate changes – expected or unexpected – in your life, workplace, or community. You can follow my blog as I work through the process of reinventing myself in anticipation of retirement. I’ll also be adding resources such as books, videos, and other helpful resources.

Please consider joining the conversation by sharing your own experiences.

Warm Regards,

Paula Marie


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  • January 2, 2018 at 12:34 am

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