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Unexpected change can be difficult and often frightening.  We may try to avoid dealing with it. Yet change is inevitable.

Life is full of changes – we move, we lose people, we change jobs, relationships change, we connect, we disconnect, our health changes, or we retire.  All of a sudden, what was familiar no longer exists. When we experience unexpected change, we eventually need to identify a different vision for ourselves. Then we need to figure out how to move toward that new vision.

Sometimes we choose to initiate change in our lives. We want a different job, a different lifestyle, a different partner, or a healthier body.  Yet no matter how much we might want a positive change, we discover making changes can be difficult.  No matter how hard we try, we sometimes feel like we’re just spinning our wheels. What we need is a clear vision of what our lives will look like and feel like when we make a change. Then we need to know what measurable action plans must be taken to achieve our vision for a better life.

Other times we are helping promote change for the benefit of others. When we are part of a cause that is greater than ourselves, we still must embrace a clear vision and identify measurable action plans.

Vision Maps for Change is a resource site to help you find useful tools that will help you navigate changes – expected or unexpected – in your life, workplace, or community. You can follow my blog as I work through the process of reinventing myself in anticipation of retirement.

Note: By January, I will redirect visitors from this site to the new website I’m developing: BoomerBestU.com


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