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Vision Matters: What Would Susan B. Anthony Say?

After the U.S. 2016 election, we are now facing some very uncertain times. We need a clear vision for the future. If Susan B. Anthony, a 19th Century suffragist and activist, could share her thoughts on the importance of vision, … Continue reading

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From Scared Speechless to Speech Teacher

I was a scared speechless young mother of about twenty. Even though I couldn’t speak up, I could put my thoughts on paper. I wrote a first-person recollection of my experiences as a nurses’ aide working in a horribly managed … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Change Your Life!

Yes, You Can Change Your Life! I belong to a little community gym about a mile from my house. Normally the place is pretty low key until the first two weeks of January each year. All of a sudden it’s … Continue reading

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